Is it possible to get rid of bed bugs permanently?

Bed bugs have been infesting New York since who-knows-when but is it possible to get rid of bed bugs permanently? Is there a way to do that?

But is there really a way to get rid of bed bugs permanently? The answer is yes but you need to follow certain protocols and require you to be persistent as the steps are not simple.

The steps  we are about to tell you might look too much but don’t get overwhelmed. We will guide you all throughout. So here is the list of you need to do to permanently get rid of bed bugs.

Steps in getting rid of bed bugs permanently:

  1.  Inspect your place for evidence of bed bugs
  2. Gather removable linens, clothing, encasement and wash in high heat
  3. High heat steam clean bedding, carpeting, recliners, and furniture
  4. Spot treat all surfaces with bed bug spray
  5. Vacuum all areas of the property & seal bag then throw away
  6.  Re-treat your place with a residual bed spray to prevent re-infestation

I know you’ve tried a lot of commercialized products and none of them worked. The steps mentioned above might be a bit overwhelming but don’t be. These are very easy to follow and will guarantee you

Why do you need to check your place for evidence of bed bugs?

Before you buy any bed bug spray, make sure to check your place first for evidences of having bed bugs. It is important that you are sure that you are dealing with bed bugs and not any other pest. It would be a waste of money if you will buy a pesticide not meant for bed bugs.

Not sure what points to consider? Don’t worry we got you covered! Here are the things to look out for when checking for evidences.

  • Bites on skin
  • Black and red stains in bedding
  • Bed bug carcasses that almost look like shells
  • Black spots on walls
  • Actual bed bugs roaming around

Sample of black spots on walls

Where can you find bed bugs?

Most people who fail to treat bed bugs infestation have one thing in common. They really want to get rid of bed bugs permanently BUT they don’t know their hiding spots. This is crucial because you need to know where to look for them because it will come handy later on.

Knowing their hiding location is already an advantage because you don’t have to guess where to do spot treatment later. We will list down the spots you need to check and see for yourself if these spots have bed bugs already.

Spots to look out for:

  • Mattress
  • Boxspring
  • Mattress encasement
  • Pillows and pillow cases
  • Sofa and cushions
  • Recliners and furniture
  • Bed posts and wooden frames
  • Dresser drawers
  • Base boards
  • Electrical wall outlets
  • Window sills
  • Picture frames

There you go! No need to guess. Use this list as your guide when you’re doing the inspection. Remember to not miss any of these spots because this is crucial when you want to permanently get rid of bed bugs.

Why do you need to wash linens?

You need to wash linens, clothing, encasement and furniture to make sure that there are no bed bug eggs in there. Eggs are very hard to see and hard to spot. You can’t even tell if there is egg or none. Just to be sure, wash these stuff out:

  • Bed linens
  • Linens left in closets
  • Pillows
  • Mattress encasements
  • Couch cushion covers
  • Clothing in the dressser
  • Towels in bath

Make sure that you wash theses things to avoid future re-infestation. Also, we recommend that you use high heat to wash these to make sure that this is clean and will be safe to use.

As you can see, these things are the most common areas bed bugs usually crawl. We don’t want to develop another infestation there so don’t be lazy and do this step properly.

Steam clean bedding, carpets, recliners, and furniture

Don’t skip this part! You might think that heat treatment is expensive but there are products out there like bed bug steamer that you can use to do this step. Using steam to clean big items that can’t fit the washer is a plus to make sure that you will really get rid of bed bug permanently.

Using high-heat steam cleaner will make sure that it will singe bed bugs and eggs in seconds. If you skip this, you might develop another infestation again because as what we have told you previously, eggs of bed bugs are hard to see. There might be eggs there that are just waiting to be hatched. So better yet prevent it from happening.

When using steam cleaner, always remember to use if first before using your bed bug spray. This way, you will not worry that the product might get washed away.

Spot treat those hot spot…

You don’t have to drench your entire place with bed bug spray just to kill them. All you need to do is find a bed bug spray that have residual treatment in it and you don’t have to much work anymore.

Using a residual bed bug spray is much more effective in getting rid of bed bugs permanently because it will immediately kill bed bugs and also as time pass by.  We listed the spots where to look for bed bugs right?

With that list, just do spot treatment so it will be more effective to get rid of bed bugs.

Forget sweeping…

Don’t sweep! Just use your trusty old vacuum cleaner to clean post-treatment. After treatment, there will be dead bed bugs on your place, use vacuum to suck it out. Also just to make sure, using vacuum will help suck out eggs that is so stubborn to die.

After cleaning using vacuum, seal the vacuum bag properly. You don’t want to have any live bed bugs, if there is still, to get out of that bag and cause another infestation again. Seal it nice and tight and throw properly.

Don’t forget to re-treat

This is how to get rid bed bugs permanently biggest secret! Don’t be afraid to do re-treatment. This is to prevent future infestation because you can’t control external factors on where bed bugs are coming from.

It might even be you who is bringing bed bugs. So just to be safe, do a re-treatment. Find a bed bug spray that has residual treatment. Residual bed bug spray usually have guides on when to do re-treatment. This will really help you not to have infestations again.

More questions on how to get rid of bed bugs permanently?

Don’t hesitate! Just comment below and we will try our best to assist you!


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