A New Yorker’s Experience With Using GreenBeanBuddy

I live in New York, in a 500 sq ft apartment that has huge south-facing windows. I have a Mitsubishi lancer, and a bicycle.

I am very interested in the environment. I am not David Suzuki, Al Gore or Fabien Cousteau, I am just a normal person like you who deeply believes that every change will only start if you give your heart to it and make it your own personal habits. I have zero education in environmental studies or even botany, but I want to be if not great, a good example that you do not need to have proper education on caring for the environment or have a huge budget to be an environmentalist. You just need love, a passion and some motivation. I intend on making a stand and creating awareness by sharing with you my reader what I’m doing for the planet, our home, and the things I struggle with. I am part of a generation of people that is so far removed from the natural world, that learning to be sustainable is like learning a new language.

The human race is a very special and formidable species because we have evolved to believe that everything we need, it can be created on our own. What many people have forgotten or are choosing to forget, is that we require this planet to survive.

I have a passion for the environment because I believe that in order to survive we need to learn how to get along with it. Our relationship with the earth is a two-way street. That means we have to give, as well as take.

I came across this excellent product. I have been using Green Bean Buddy for MANY years mostly for bed bugs treatment.

First Impression About The Product

I’m really confused what product to use for the treatment of my bed bug problem so I search every corner of the web. Checking every site reviews, top 10 lists, best bug spray and more. I list every product then I came across Green Bean Buddy. The name really caught me off guard leaving me curious. So I search images, videos and reviews about it. All of them are positive so I ended up my curiosity and bought one. The product came on time. Good packaging and the product was nicely sealed. I check the content of the packaging further and i noticed that it does not have harmful chemical on it which I find reliving considering I have kids, two boys and a girl. Thinking of it I thought it would not be strong enough to kill those pesky bed bugs. I used it immediately that day and I was very impressed. I will never forget the first time I used the product. I sprayed it over our beds which was getting bombarded by all kinds of crawling insects. It doesn’t have any foul scent which was already a plus for me. Well I know it would not work immediately after spray so I take note of the changes everyday.

Using The Product For Weeks To Years

I noticed the change within a week of use and continuously improving each week. One day I came home from work and I saw some dead bugs exactly where I sprayed it. At this point I was sold on to this and nothing else with. I have continued to use it for years without fail. I found it lasts quite a while but depends on how much bed bugs you are battling with. So the question now is, does green bean buddy really work? For me it is absolutely YES! I recommend it 101%.

Information About The Product

There are some speculations that this product does not work at all and they are all wrong. Maybe some kind of propaganda of their competitors. Listen carefully readers as I honestly tell you that this product work like a charm.

The company was founded years ago and their sole vision is to infuse wellness to their customer thru natural resources. Using the mother nature’s healing ability is really something. They have different kinds of product and if not all most of them are made with nature’s love.

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