Looking For Effective Bed Bug Spray? Read This Article!

While in the field myself and the other exterminators receive the question “how to eliminate bed bugs… cost effectively?” probably every time we do a bed bug job.

So below, you will notice our bed bug procedures guide to help you on the way. This will help you understand bed bugs a bit more and allow you to solve your problem yourself. In essence the guide below can save you $1,000′s by following the guide and solutions recommended. As always… if you need further assistance please feel free to ask and setup an appointment with us.

But for now… enjoy your guide to eliminating bed bugs.

Elimination Process

1 – Identification

2 – Elimination

3 – Prevention

1  Bed Bug Identification

The best way to help you with identification is to simply show you close-ups and life sized bed bug photos we gathered. Below is different sized bed bug images.

You will notice they are different sizes. Only when the bed bug is larger is either when they are full of your blood… or full grown. When full grown, be careful this means they are ready to reproduce which can get you into larger problems. This is where you will learn about a non pesticide solution to kill bed bugs we use in the field.

Bed Bugs Pictures






Bed Bug Bites

It’s also a popular question we get is… “what do bed bug bites look like”.

Below you will see some of our most popular bed bug bite images. Due note that each case is different, but in every cases our clients always are getting bit up in their beds while they sleep. This is because of the feeding times that happen at night. The bed bugs are attracted to your CO2 (breath out). This will bring them to you no matter where you sleep.

In New York, there was even cases of a gentleman who slept in the bathtub to avoid the creepy crawlers. Only to find them following him in the morning.

2- Elimination

There are multiple ways of eliminating bed bugs. I will share with you the most effective to save you headaches most people will go through.

How To Eliminate Bed Bugs Completely

The best way to eliminate bed bugs is to understand how to inspect for bed bugs.

You will need to understand all the hiding places of bed bugs. This will allow you to find the source of the problem so you can go in and remove them with a non pesticide bed bug spray.

Identify Bed Bugs Procedure Guide

Below is a great PDF to review to help you eliminate bed bugs. I always recommend understanding how to identify and inspect for bed bugs. This will make your process of getting rid of bed bugs a whole lot stream-lined.

Below is a list of location you need to inspect:

Usually, there will be one (to several) primary infestation sites associated where people rest (sleep, sit for extended periods, etc.). Bed bugs are extremely flat and small (1/16th to 3/8 inch or 6 to 8 mm long) so the person inspecting must look along (and in) edges and cracks, folds and seams. Holes drilled in wooden elements for screws are important, as are labels.

To give you an idea of the tight places bed bugs can fit into, bed bugs have been found along picture frames, between the glass and frame itself. Start at the places the person has identified as a resting site, and move out from this point.

Inspections of the bed (or resting areas) have to be detailed, as this habitat is very complex. The bed consists of: linens; blankets; mattress; box spring; headboard and frame. Although the favored resting areas consist of the region near the head and shoulders of the person (mattress, box spring and behind the headboard) do not superficially inspect these areas and assume the job is done. Start with the linens concentrating on the folds and seams of sheets and blankets (particularly fitted sheets).

As items are inspected, remove them from the bed and place them centrally on the floor. Remember, you are looking for bed bugs in a range of sizes, as well as fecal spotting and caste skins.

If at any time a bed bug is found: discontinue the in-depth inspection and initiate control activity (after discussing recommended course of action, and obtaining approval from victim). Do not continue with an in-depth inspection alone, as bed bugs may move from their hiding places once disturbed.

Summary of Locations To Inspect

  • Mattress
  • Light Outlets (Remove them)
  • Shelves & Dressers (Remove them to inspect)
  • Picture Frames
  • Box Springs of Mattress
  • Blankets and Sheets
  • Linens
  • Headboard and Frames
  • Carpeting (pull up carpets at corners)

Non Pesticide Solution

Here is why I would go with the non pesticide bed bug spray:

Currently, Green Bean Buddy was released to the public after only being once available to pest professionals. Due to it’s huge success in the marketplace, its now available to consumers and pest professionals.

From my experience the product is phenomenal and a great solution to affordable eliminate bed bugs on your own. Below are some of the benefits we agree with.

  • It’s a safe… non pesticide
  • Approved under FIFRA 25(b) as non pesticide (Government)
  • No need to evacuate… when using
  • No need to throw away valuables
  • Kills bed bugs and larvae.. and eggs!
  • Prevents future outbreaks (Huge $$ saver)
  • Being used by pest professionals

Video Of Successful Elimination of Bed Bugs

Currently… the product is available to the public. I would recommend this in replacement of all other brands. Check out their special by clicking the link below.


Bed Bug Solutions The Press Love…

I didn’t want you to hear just my opinion on green bean buddy. Below I found some great press about the product. Right now, the press is all over this non pesticide solution with great reviews.

It’s been so popular, that now Sears and Amazon has taken the product into distribution. I would recommend getting the non pesticide solution right from the manufacturer for better pricing. You can visit their site here.

Don’t Forget Your Complimentary Sample

There is good news… the company who manufacturers the non pesticide solution to kill and prevent bed bugs is offering a complimentary sample.

Below is access to this complimentary sample which is included in your order.


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