Something To Keep Your Mind Off Bed Bugs

While this is not a direct solution to kill bed bugs… It’s a great solution to get your sanity back. We were just welcomed by some friends about a new mobile game that is really fun and it’s FREE.

We know bed bugs can drive you nuts, so I wanted to post what I thought would be nice before the holidays to put some happiness back into your life. Check out the videos below… You can get the game free by Liking their Fan Page on Facebook.

 Free Stuff Before The Holidays

There is a new mobile game we found that we had to share. It’s actually really fun. Imagine flicking candies at people in the back the movie theater. The game has hilarious movie goers and sound effects. We posted the videos below… I played the demo and was really fun and if your a fan on their Facebook page, you get it free. While everyone else pays $0.99…

So be sure to like their Facebook fan page.

Video Demo #1

Video Demo #2

Like their Facebook Fan Page to Get It Free Right Now!

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