August 2, 2012

ATTENTION: Bed Bugs In New York…What You Need To Do Right Now!

We have been receiving more and more submissions about bed bugs in the New York area. So we have posted this helpful guide to help you subside and get rid of the problem.

We also ask for you to submit your bed bug issues in the area if you are in New York or any location for that matter. This will help prevent the epidemic we are seeing in our local areas.

Helping Fellow New Yorkers With Bed Bugs

We decided to post a guide with the influx of questions about bed bugs. Below is our process from professional exterminators for bed bugs. Please review it and make sure you follow it and understand it. We also recommend a non pesticide solution which was released to the public, after only being available to large pest control companies. Learn more about this non pesticide bed bug killer.

Which Hotels Are Getting Infested

We got the skinny on the infestations for bed bugs in New York Hotels. Our team has curated quite a few hotels you will ant to be aware of… and updated this site accordingly. Anytime we hear new occurrences, you should be the first to know by reading it here.

Check out the hotels here to be careful of…

Found Some Interesting Stories With Hotels In NY

Check out some of the latest responses to our question about New York hotels with our community. Should have some good feedback for you.

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Lastest Updates Via Twitter

I put a beacon out to here back from folks with bed bugs in New York. They should be able to give you first hand updated experiences on any bed bug outbreaks in the area.

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Need A Hotel Without Bed Bugs In New York?

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New York Hotels In The News

Here is some finds of New York hotels in the news so you can keep abreast of whats going on. I pulled some great stories for anyone worried about bed bugs in New York.

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Procedures For A New Yorker To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

You will need to consider these 3 steps in order to clear up your bed bug problem. The good news… this procedure will prevent you from spending a bunch of money and keep these darn bed bugs from coming back. So listen up…

1 – Identification of Bed Bugs

2 – Inspection of Bed Bugs

3 – Remove of Bed Bugs

Take a look at the guide I tallied up to help you identify bed bugs. I do share pictures below as well. But I wanted to make sure you had more ammo for the battle.

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Bed Bugs Pictures

You will need to identify bed bugs, below is our resource of bed bug pictures to help you identify them. If you see this in a New York hotel get out and spray all your luggage with Bed Bug Bully, a non pesticide solution to kill bed bugs and prevent them from coming back.

 How Do Bed Bug Bites Look?

After understanding what these creepy crawly’s look like. Let’s take a look at some of the pictures we received from bed bug victims in New York. Some our from hotels and others are from bed bugs in their own homes.

What New Yorkers Are Doing…

Good news is… New Yorkers and many hotel owners are now available to purchase a non pesticide solution which not only kills bed bugs, but also prevents them from coming back. We did a write up on the product and were mesmerized by the results.

Initially the non pesticide solution was only available to large pest control companies. After it’s huge success and many exterminators for bed bugs making $1,000’s of dollars from the product. The company decided to release it to consumers and re do their contracts.

Now bed bug suffers, hotel owners and New Yorkers can avoid having to throw away valuables and evacuate their homes. With this unique bed bug spray it’s apparent you can use the product while in the home, since it’s not a pesticide under FIFRA 25(b).

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Without Pesticides

Okay.. your probably like… wait NO PESTICIDES??

And I am going to answer you right back and say.. YEP!

The new product Bed Bug Bully which was released to the public (after being only offered to pest control companies) is now very much alive and in the press. Bed Bug Bully was a secret weapon for pest professionals… now after new license agreements with some very large companies. Bed Bug Bully creators are allowing consumers to get access to the non pesticide solution.

Here is why I would go with the non pesticide bed bug spray:

  • It’s a safe… non pesticide
  • Approved under FIFRA 25(b) as non pesticide (Government)
  • No need to evacuate… when using
  • No need to throw away valuables
  • Kills bed bugs and larvae.. and eggs!
  • Prevents future outbreaks (Huge $$ saver)
  • Being used by pest professionals

Check out the video below of a customer who told us about the product.

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Currently… the product is available to the public. I would recommend this in replacement of all other brands. Check out their special by clicking the link below.


Don’t Forget Your Complimentary Sample

I am not sure on how long the product will be available… but below is their special I found and what a few inside sources have used in the news. Be sure to activate your special soon. If you need any more help, please feel free to comment in the box below.


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